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» Top 5 Summer Child Injuries

Top 5 Summer Child Injuries

Summertime Injuries for Alabama Children

Summer is one of the most relaxing times of the year for families but can also be extremely deadly for small children. Every year families at the start of summer look forward to outdoor activities, swimming, vacations and family cookouts. However, child related injuries normally increase in the summer. Most child related injuries are predictable and preventable

Falls are the number one cause of summertime injuries among children. Trampolines and playground equipment top the list.


Bicycle Injuries send around 400,000 children every year to emergency rooms all over the county. Broken bones are among the most common injuries that children sustain in bike-related accident. The serious and often fatal injuries are head injuries. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are the number one cause of death for children involved in biking accidents. Wearing a bicycle helmet, using proper hand signals as well as walking the bicycle across busy streets are all vital to the safety of the child.


Motorized Vehicles accidents are extremely common especially among teenagers. In fact, teenagers under the age of 19 account for over 25% of all major motor vehicle accidents. ATVs, scooters and golf carts accounts for a number of accidents among children. The key to preventing an injury is adult supervision.


Burns are in the top five, but not always from fireworks.Most burn injures among young children are from water burns or cooking burns often called “scald burns.” Older kids typically endure burns from more direct sources of heat such as camp fires, fireworks, etc. The are called “flash burns”Again, the key to preventing this types of injuries is adult supervision.


Drownings. Near-drownings are serious problems that occur this time of year. While they aren’t exactly top summer injuries that send kids to the hospital, these accidents often occur in backyard pools and landscape pools, but can also happen in just inches of water. Parental supervision is key here to preventing a drowning accident or near-drowning accident from occurring.


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