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We are proud to share the results we have gotten for our clients. Remember, every case is unique and the circumstances and facts must be assessed for each individual case. Our firm represents people throughout Alabama and the surrounding states, and handles cases valued at a few thousand dollars to cases that are worth millions of dollars. For 20 years, our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

9.5million recovery

Industrial Accident

Our client was badly injured when a defectively designed machine pinned him against a pole causing serious abdominal injuries which caused him to temporarily have a colostomy.

$9.5 million recovery

25million recovery

Unfair Pay Practices

We represented individuals who were not paid according to Federal law.

$25 million recovery

4.25million recovery

Wrongful Death

We represented the family of a gentleman who was killed at an apartment complex.

$4.25 million recovery

5million recovery

Premises / Toxic Exposure

Our minor client was injured by products that were not properly disposed of at an apartment complex.

$5 million recovery

2million recovery


Our client suffered a serious arm injury while he was working in law maintenance and came in contact with a power line.

$2 million recovery

7million recovery

Industrial Accident

Our client suffered an abdominal injury which caused permanent injury in an industrial setting.

$7 million recovery

3million recovery

Wrongful Death

Our law firm represented the family of a gentleman who was prematurely discharged from the hospital after sugery to repair a blood vessel related to an ulcer. The patient died at his home as a result of loss of blood from a substandard surgery. The jury awarded $3,000,000 to the family.

$3 million recovery

1.45million recovery

Injury / Trucking

Our client suffered a back injury after being struck by an 18-wheeler.

$1.45 million recovery

Testimonials & Reviews

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Here is my story. I hope you find it helpful in comforting or helping another client understand the legal process.
I was driving to one of my stores in North Alabama (in a company car) and out of nowhere was T-boned by another vehicle. The truck that hit me failed to yield to my right-of-way and said that he was waved through the intersection by an 18 wheeler. My car was hit on the driver’s side door and spun around until I was in another lane and facing the opposite direction. The driver came to my window yelling that it wasn’t his fault. I called 911, was cut out of my car, and was taken to Helen Keller Hospital, where I was seen by the ER doctor and transported to the UAB Trauma Unit. I had multiple tests, therapy sessions, and 5 surgeries over a year and a half or so to repair the soft tissue damage to my arm. During my first stay at the hospital I was contacted multiple times by an investigator–the driver that hit me was in a company vehicle and his company wanted me to make a statement about the accident. I was advised by a nurse that was checking my stats a couple of times when the investigator called to hire an attorney, and having never done so (and only living in Alabama for 3 months) I was anxious about what to do. I was given Ken Riley‘s name, contacted him, and felt very relieved for having done so. The phone calls from the investigator stopped after I directed him to contact my attorney, and I felt very safe and protected, as I was nervous about how to respond and how to protect myself. Ken worked patiently and supportively, always genuinely concerned about what I had been through and how I was healing, and guided me through dealing with Worker’s Comp, depositions, and the mediations with both the driver that hit me and the truck that waved him through. I still have open medical, which is important, as I am still under medical care for nerve damage treatment. The most important part of the entire thing was knowing that I had someone in my corner, fighting for what was right, and allowing me to focus on getting well.

Birmingham, Alabama Car Accident

My daughter and I were in a wreck in Tuscaloosa near the U of A. The other vehicle turned across in front of us which totaled our car, broke my neck, broke my daughters back and gave us both concussions. My daughter’s concussion has resulted in lifelong seizures. My daughter has other medical issues that made surgery on her back not an option. She also has a speech impediment. Here was the big issue.

We spoke with several attorneys. Right off they picked up the speech thing, listened about her other medical conditions and assumed that her injuries from this wreck were not as catastrophic as if to a “normal person”. No one was concerned at how drastically this changed her life…UNTIL we spoke with Nate Vandeveer and Kirby Farris of Farris, Riley & Pitts.

There was a security video of the accident, but in a quick review, it wasn’t real clear who had what light..flat green, green arrow and it could have been a matter of opinion by the person watching. However, Mr. Vandeveer meticulously took the video shot by shot to show reflections of the traffic lights as they actually were. He left no stone unturned in showing that we had a clear, flat green light and that the other party did not have a green arrow or any other traffic signal that allowed her to proceed as she did, directly into our path. Kirby Farris addressed the medical issues of my daughter with a sincere compassion that annihilated the opposing Attorney’s demeaning remarks. I am trying to make this short but they were so thorough, so professional, so compassionate..they just knocked it over the wall and out of the park. A hundred things I could tell you, the most important is: THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST, and then some!! They are our CHAMPIONS!!

Car Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit