Child Injuries Lawsuits in Alabama

Parents do not need to see their child suffer from the irresponsible actions of a company or an individual. Injuries to children are often the most traumatic, devastating and life-altering injuries that we see in practice. When a child is injured or hurt, everyone hurts.

In extreme cases, serious injuries can occur, involving serious pain and suffering and medical treatment. For some, long-term care may be required. If your child has been seriously injured, contact our Birmingham personal injury lawyers today. Our attorneys have experience helping injured children and can discuss your case at no cost to you. Call 205-324-1212 today.

Automobile Accidents

Children are at great risk in automobile accidents. Their small bodies aren’t as able to absorb the impact of an accident and can suffer severe injuries. If this has happened to your child, contact us immediately.

Bicycle Accidents

Bike riding accidents can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries to children. Your child is no match for a drunk or texting driver behind the wheel of a car or truck. If your child is hurt in a bicycle accident, call us right away.

Boating Accidents

Children can be seriously hurt in boating accidents. They are at great risk of being thrown from the boat, suffering a brain injury or drowning. Contact us if a boating accident caused injuries to your child.

Brain Injuries

Children are susceptible to brain injuries especially when they are young. Concussions from sports, birth injuries, TBI, near drowning and car accidents are dangers that face kids and worry parents. Call our office right away if your child has suffered a brain injury.

Burn Injuries

Millions of children suffer burn injuries every year, and dozens die from burn-related injuries every day. If your child has been harmed by a chemical burn, electrical burn or injuries from a fire, contact us today.

Camp Accidents

Fun activities become dangerous for children when there is insufficient supervision at camp. When a camp is careless, a child may drown, fall off a horse or get seriously hurt playing sports. If this has happened to your child, call our office.

Child Crib Accidents

Cribs don’t always protect your children. Crib accidents caused by manufacturing defects and safety violations injure thousands of children a year. Drop side cribs are especially dangerous. Contact us right away if your child was hurt in a crib accident.

Day Care Abuse

Many children experience neglect and abuse at daycare. Nannies and day care centers may sexually, emotionally and physically abuse defenseless infants and children, causing serious, lifelong injuries. If you see signs your child is being ignored or abused at daycare, call our office now.

Defective Toys and Products

Dangerous toys can cause lead poisoning, choking, burns and other serious injuries to small children. Children are hurt every day by hazardous toys with design defects, some of which should be recalled. Call our office if your child suffers a serious injury because of a defective product.

Drowning Accidents

Children have a high risk of drowning accidents because they can drown not just in a pool or the ocean, but also in small amounts of water like the bathtub or toilet. Children require constant watching, and  poor supervision causes many accidents. If your child’s drowning accident resulted in injuries like brain damage, coma and seizures, contact us today.

Electrocution Injuries

Children playing with outlets and appliances can result in serious injuries. Electrocution can cause internal and external burns and sometimes death to a small child. Call us today if your child has an injury from electrocution.

Lead Poisoning

Lead found in toys, paint and soil can cause cognitive problems, irritability, abdominal pain and fatigue in children, especially if they are young and their bodies are rapidly developing. Contact us if you think your child has been poisoned by lead.

Mercury Poisoning

Children who have mercury poisoning can experience serious illness, memory loss and sensory impairment. Unborn babies and children are at higher risk of poisoning because their brains are rapidly developing. Call our office if your child or fetus has been exposed to mercury.


Infant paralysis from cerebral palsy or a birth injury can lead to a lifetime of suffering. Child paralysis from a car accident or a fall at a friend’s house results in years of expensive medical treatment and therapies. Reach out to our office if your child suffered an injury that caused paralysis.

Prescription Medication Error

Children can easily become seriously ill from even small medication errors. The wrong dosage or medicine may cause grave and even fatal injuries. If your child became sick because of a prescription medication error, call us right away.

School Crosswalk Accidents

School crosswalk accidents that injure children can be caused by distracted drivers,  poor supervision, broken traffic lights and more. A child in a crosswalk is unprotected and can suffer severe injuries. Call our office if your child was hurt in a school crosswalk accident.

Suffocation/ Strangulation/ Choking

Babies and small children can easily choke, suffocate and become strangled by everyday household items. Improper supervision, as well as defective manufacturing, can contribute to the injuries and fatalities caused by things like blinds and crib accessories. Contact us if your child was hurt by a faulty product or because of negligence manufacturer’s carelessness.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are rife with danger, and pool accidents injure thousands of children a year. Someone is often found to have been careless when a child is injured in or around a pool. If you think inadequate supervision, improper maintenance or failure to warn of danger caused your child’s swimming pool injury or death, call us now.


When a child is hurt in an accident or suffers a serious injury, the results can be devastating and long-lasting. The child injury attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt cannot undo the damage, but we can hold the responsible parties accountable and help you receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and long-term care.

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