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If you are visiting this page you or someone you care about may have been the victim of poor medical care which has caused injury or death.  Many people make claims against health care providers such as hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, nursing homes and others.  These cases start with the question of whether or not the health care provider provided care that is less than what one would expect in the national medical community.  If a doctor or hospital failed to meet minimum safety requirements in their treatment, then they can be financially responsible for the harm that they cause.  These cases require experts to testify that the health care provider provided substandard care that caused harm.  We have been successful in pursuing cases against doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes.  We can help you get your questions answered, just call us.

The three elements of a medical malpractice case

If you believe you or a loved one were injured or had a medical issue worsen due to improper medical care, you may have a medical malpractice case. The medical malpractice attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve so you can recover and move on with your life.

In order for us to win compensation for our clients in a medical malpractice case, we must prove three distinct points:

  • The Medical Professionals Failed to Maintain Their Legal Duty to Their Patient

    While there are different levels of duty and situations where a person does not have a duty to another, usually the health care provider has a duty to his patient. All professional health care providers who have a relationship with a patient have a duty to that patient. The patient/health provider relationship is often established when the doctor, nurse, etc. begins treating the patient. This is usually the easiest element to satisfy in a medical malpractice case. The health care provider has a duty to use established standards of care when treating a patient. A health care ovider is held to a standard of other providers with similar education and in a similar situation.

  • The Breach of Duty Caused the Injury

    Going back to the previous example, if the lack of treatment leads to complications, you may have a claim. In order to have a successful claim though, you’d need to prove that the complications you or a loved one suffered were caused by the doctor’s inadequate care or could have been prevented had the doctor acted within the standard of care.

    This can be difficult in some cases, because in certain circumstances a doctor’s mistake may not have led to your complications. There are even cases where a surgeon and the staff do everything according to proper medical procedures during an operation and post-operative care yet a patient still develops an infection or suffers another complication, which is why this is one of the more difficult steps in proving a medical malpractice claim.

    Our experts again prove invaluable in helping us create a clear timeline and cause and effect example of how the doctor’s failure to meet the standard of care directly led to your complications.

  • The Injury Resulted in Damages to the Patient

    Lastly, our law firm must prove that not only did the doctor’s failure to meet their standard of care caused your injury, but that the injury resulted in damages to you. Damages can include everything from pain and suffering for surviving family after a medical malpractice error led to a loved one’s death to compensation for additional operations, treatments or rehabilitations that were required due to the initial mistake.

    For example, if a surgeon makes a mistake that results in a patient being paralyzed, we can paint a clear picture for negotiations and potentially a jury of what your life will be like now that you can no longer walk. This will include all types of things, from no longer being able to work in your previous field of employment to pain and suffering from no longer being able to participate as fully in raising your family or pursuing your hobbies.

    Calculating damages in medical malpractice cases can be complicated, and it’s important to seek out personal injury attorneys who are experienced with the nuances of the process, such as those at Farris, Riley & Pitt.

    We compassionately listen to your experience and go through an extensive investigatory process to ensure we account for every facet of your case. Our medical malpractice attorneys are aggressive during negotiations and never shy away from a trial if it means ensuring you receive the compensation you and your family deserve. To learn more about our medical malpractice process and to receive a free case evaluation, please call us any time at 205-324-1212.

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