What are the four stages of bed sores?

Video Transcript

Four stages of bed sores: the first stage may be skin irritation, may be slightly red, the skin may be painful to the touch. Stage two bed sore would be a little worse. You may have ulcers starting to form around the skin; again you are going to have painfulness in the area. Stage three the wound will be even deeper, maybe penetrating through the skin, maybe changing in color again. And then the stage four bed sore would be the worst, where the sore has penetrated through your skin and your fat, and may be affecting now your tendons, your bones, and your muscles. If you or a loved one has any of these types of bed sores, it is important to first document these sores as you may have a potential claim, and then also contact an attorney as soon as possible, because that facility where you or your loved one is staying may have breached the standard of care.

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