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Was your home or business damaged as a result of a hurricane or tropical storm? Did your insurance carrier deny your property damage claim? If so, don’t despair. The experienced hurricane damage claims attorneys of Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP are ready to help you get the money you’re entitled to under your policy and recover what you lost.

A hurricane shows Mother Nature at her worst. These storms are some of the most destructive weather phenomena on the planet. In recent years we have seen an increase in the severity of these storms, not to mention an increase in the number of storms in general. This translates into more damage to homes and property, as well as, more claims flooding into insurance companies. Regrettably, not everyone who has insurance coverage can rebuild following a natural disaster. Insurance companies that value profit over people may be shortchanging homeowners who have been paying into their systems for years, by denying their claims or paying out as little as they can get away with.

If you’re an Alabama homeowner who has been impacted by Hurricane Sally and had your insurance claim denied, you may have legal options to recover compensation. At Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP we work with victims and negotiate on their behalf with their insurance providers. Our aggressive legal team doesn’t back down to intimidation tactics and we don’t settle for less than what your claim is worth. Following a major natural disaster you face the prospect of rebuilding your home, property and life from the ground up as well as losing sentimental valuables in the process. Don’t add to the stress by dealing with uncaring insurance adjusters who want to write you off for as little as possible.

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What to Know About Hurricane Insurance

Insurance coverage can vary from company to company and different policies can cover different things, so it is always best to check with your own company for the specifics of the policy that you have chosen. In general, most standard homeowner policies will cover storm damage from a hurricane. However, it is not as simple as it sounds; below are some caveats that you must consider when purchasing insurance:

First, Alabama is one of 19 states that have hurricane deductibles. However, this deductible is not the same as say, a deductible on a car insurance policy. A car insurance deductible is typically a flat dollar amount, like $1000.00. In Alabama, the base hurricane deductible for policies sold by the Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association is 5% of the home’s value. Depending on the value of your home, that can end up being a sizable deductible to have to contend with.

Second, most homeowners’ policies do not cover flooding. Flooding can be one of the top concerns associated with a hurricane. If your home suffers damage from floodwaters or water getting inside and causing mold issues, chances are your homeowners’ insurance will not cover the damages. You need to have a separate policy that you can purchase through an agent or through the federal National Flood Insurance Program to cover those specific damages. In addition to flood damage, some homeowners’ policies will not cover wind or hail damage from a storm of this magnitude. Check your individual policy to determine if you are covered or will need additional insurance.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are currently 52,000 single-family homes at risk for storm surge damage from hurricanes. It would cost up to $9.4 billion just to rebuild these homes alone. With that kind of money on the line, it is no wonder insurance companies want to give you as little as possible. To help strengthen your insurance claim and get the compensation you deserve, take these steps:

  • Secure your property and belongings
    • If given enough time, try to make sure you secure your property as best you can. Board up the windows, sandbag vulnerable areas, and try to mitigate the damage. Pack up valuable belongings such as important documents and papers, driver’s licenses, insurance paperwork, money, jewelry, etc. You may not have a lot of time to get your things together and get out, take what you need, and document the rest. One of the most beneficial things you can do in any situation is to keep an updated record of your belongings with receipts, values, and pictures in a safe and secure place. This comes in handy for insurance-related issues such as fire, theft, or hurricane.
  • Don’t wait to file your claim
    • If you’ve been a victim of a hurricane, don’t wait to file a claim with your insurance company. If you are able to return home to assess the damage make sure you take plenty of photos and document the destruction to your home and property.
  • Stay on top of your claim
    • Typically, you must receive what is known as a “notice of intentions” from the company within 30 days of them getting your claim. Make sure that you stay on top of the company to ensure that they are handling your claim promptly.
  • Keep a tab on your expenses
    • Make sure that you keep a running tab of all your living expenses. Some policies will entitle you to reimbursement for living expenses while you are out of your home following a disaster. Keep receipts and records of your food, motel, and basic living necessities.
  • Contact an attorney
    • It can be hard to keep track of everything when your entire life has been uprooted. Getting an attorney on your side as soon as possible means you have a helping hand available to keep track of expenses and deal with the insurance adjuster. An attorney will be able to work with the insurance company to get them the information they need and aggressively negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are able to get the compensation you deserve from your claim.

Contact a Hurricane Damage Claim Attorney

If you are trying to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane and getting the run-around from your insurance company, turn to the team at Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP for help. We have more than 20 years of experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of our Alabama clients. This strong storm may have devastated your home or property, but don’t settle for a weak settlement from your insurance company. Make sure that your claim is approved and that you are getting what you deserve.

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