I love everything about this company they will never give up on your auto case and they will treat you like one of their family members and their are trustworthy only calling you back getting more info on about your case so I recommend you get with this company only

- Mickey Hill Google

Everyone was so kind and understanding. They kept great communication with me. I really enjoyed working with them!

- Bridgett Turley Google

i was in a bad wreck last year with a friend who introduced me to this firm, and they are AMAZING! JD, leigh, lisa, tameka, everyone involved was incredibly patient and kind with me throughout the whole process of getting a settlement. this team of people is very hardworking, and they did more than everything they could to ensure i was taken care of.

- Patrick Daniels Google

Farris, Riley & Pitt Law Firm is second to none.Darius Crayton was very professional, responsive, caring and knowledgeable. Choosing their law firm was one of the best decisions I made.

- Mrs. Tameeka Vann Google

I’ve been using them since 2015 and they’re service has been excellent and I’ve recommended them to my family and they provided them great service as well and I am also currently using their services this year starting 6/21/23 and they are currently actively working with me right now to get some issues resolved.

- Kenya Casey Google

Attorney Jessica Zorn is the best. She took great care of me and my case. The entire team worked together and covered every detail. I’m grateful for them and wouldn’t want to use anyone else. Thank you for your time and dedication to my case.

- Lori Houts Google

Everyone on the FRP team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, and their commitment to making a clear impact to Birmingham is visible in all of their interactions, including their regular Law Talk series.

- Andrew Mitchell Google

When it comes to a professional law firm to handle your claim, Farris Riley Pitt is THE best out there. Highly recommend, none better, has the clients best interests in mind throughout the entire process. Caring people from start to finish!! A++

- John Hoyt Google

Their services were very detailed. They kept me informed through the process. It wasn't a quick settlement, but the final results were amazing.

- Ronald Grant Google

Im VERY satisfied with the quality of services Ive received from this GREAT law firm. I ALWAYS got a quick response whenever I’ve contacted them with concerning my case. They was very polite, and I felt like I had someone really looking out for my case. I’m going to most definitely be referring friends and family. I definitely would use this law firm again.

- Yvonne Devore Google

My husband was injured at his job and she did everything to help him and she was also concerned about his health.

- Kimberly Acreman Google

Thank you all for the professional and concerned way in which you handled my case. You are all so kind and pleasant to work with.

- Chris Collins Google

Every single person we have dealt with has been so kind and helpful. They have went above and beyond for my family!

- Pam Lang Google

Would highly recommend this law firm ! Very professional, take the time to explain process! And keep you updated on your case.

- Norm Seidel Google

They are awesome. I will recommend them to everyone instead of using out of state lawyers who look at you as a case number

- Mercedes Smith Google

Truly professional legal firm. I would definitely recommend and big shout out to Malia Tart for doing an incredible job!

- Ali Dean Sakhai Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Great people to deal with! I hope I never have to but if I do it will be Farris,Riley&Pitt! Thanks

- Daryl Harper Google

Everyone I had contact with was always professional and courteous. It was a smooth process from start to finish. I was very pleased with the end result.

- Ryan Edwards Google

I can not recommend this firm any higher. 5 stars are not enough. All staff was extremely professional and understanding and the results obtained were A+

- John Vroman Google

JD Lawrence helped me through every step of the process and never left me uninformed on anything. I'm grateful to have been referred to him to help settle my case.

- Corbett Futral Google

Farris Riley and Pitt is a awesome law firm Jessica Zorn was so amazing and sweet prompt and on time with everything if I ever need another law firm in the future I will definitely return thank you all for everything

- Shirita “LadyRie504” Williams Google

They're professional but treat you like family. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do it will certainly be Ferris,Riley and Pitt.

- Zack Bush Google

AWESOME staff great lawyers and they show you that they care about you. Thanks Mr. Riley and your amazing staff for assisting me with my case and showing me so much love and care.

- Arthur Wilson Google

Very Professional ..your a fool if you do not chose this amazing law firm .. Just don't worry about winning throw your case in trash . But if your smart you'll call the law firm that cares ..Farris, Riley & Pitt,LLP

- Katrice M. Google

They were amazing answered all my questions I had and got me the most back I was upset after my wreck happened and mrs Hayden helped me along every step thank you so much Farris Riley and Pitt

- Cassie Webb Google

The team at Ferris, Riley, and Pitt have gone above and beyond for me. They have accomplished more within a couple of months then my previous two lawyers did together in 5 years. Mr. JD Lawrence explained everything to me every step of the way and never depreciated my issues or concerns, neither of which I experienced with my previous lawyers.

- Terra Butler Google

Fantastic and very friendly staff. Mr. Farris is a well rounded and experienced lawyer. All of my questions and concerns were attended to. Can not thank him enough for what he did on my case. Highly recommend this law firm office.

- Edgar Barragan Google

It has been many years since my case and I had an issue that came up related to it. They were still just as amazing today as they were years ago. I trust them to take care of my needs with the same level of professionalism and courtesy as they always have.

- Emily Huffman Google

The people at Farris, Riley & Pitt are friendly, eager to help and do a great job. The results of the work they did for me was more than I hoped for. I won't fail to call on them if I need help again.

- Mary Daniel Google

I turned my case over to FRP and they handled everything. Insurance company for the company that ran into us would not even return my call. FRP kept me informed and settled the case without having to go to court.

- Brian Standridge Google

I had an accident where the insurance company refused to even pay my doctors bills. Farris and Riley handled everything they kept me updated through out the entire case. It took awhile however these things take time but I was never left wondering where things were or where we were at in the case.

- jessica Casteel Google

Excellent experience, especially the easily understood explanation of our case's likely outcomes, made decisions easy, realistic and eliminated uncertainty. Would highly recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you FR&P for your willingness to help and tireless efforts for a satisfactory resolution.

- Kaleigh Graham Google

While bringing a suit is never comfortable, this agency took care of all the details. I always had someone to call and ask how the case was progressing or alerts if delays were occuring. I was well advised by the team.

- Susanne Fogger Google

Really satisfied with the level of representation we received. Medical invoices from years ago that should have been filed and included in our suit against a motorist that hit us from behind suddenly appeared so I contacted our attorney. They got right on it and resolved the matter quickly and efficiently. If you need a personal injury lawyer I fully recommend Farris, Riley and Pitt, LLP

- Ricky Buchanan Google

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing good honest services. Very responsive and friendly. They let you know exactly what is going on and what to expect. No doubt if I’m ever in a situation that needs their service, they will be the first and only group I call. Absolutely zero complaints. All We had to do was be patient and they did the rest.

- Billy Smith Google

I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a personal injury firm. They are very good at what they do my experience has been very pleasing . They are effecient and very helpful they do a great job at answering any questions you may have and do so in a very kind matter. They also stay on top of things trying to expedite your case and are do everything for their clients. Katie has been so pleasant and helpful. Thank you all for taking good care of me !!! I give y'all a five star rating 😇

- Crystal White Google

Kirby Farris worked closely with me and my family as we dealt with a debilitating car accident. They were understanding and easy to work with. His staff responded quickly and kept us up to date during the whole process. I really appreciate how included I was made to feel. We settled my case and I was happy with the outcome. I hope I never need their services again but if I do I’ll be back!

- Sarah Holt Google

Highly professional and kept me informed every step of the process. I would use them again.

- Angela Allen Google

This was my 1st and best experience I've had. I was greeted with nothing but smiles and love I felt as if I was at home. This firm made me feel like family. I really appreciate Lisa, Jessica, and All the staff for making me feel like i was at home.

- Poohandkids Uncut Google

My experience with the firm was pleasant, my attorney and his associates kept me informed through my whole case. I highly recommend anyone to Farris, Riley & Pitt law firm.

- Derryl Groce

I've had to use an attorney in the past and they were great, but after recently using the services at this firm it's clear that no other firm compares to the dedication and care that team here at Farris, Riley & Pitt puts in. They were informative, knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns in a way that I could easily understand. They walked me through the process of how things would work and what to expect, and were quick to respond whenever I reached out.I would 100% recommend this firm in a heartbeat to anyone looking to for a personal injury lawyer.

- Philip Krieger Google

J.D. Lawrence was my attorney, and he did a great job!! He represented me in an auto accident case, and I am pleased with the outcome. If I ever need a lawyer again J.D. will be my first call!! I have also given his name and number to my family. To me, that says it all.

- Margie Williams Google

Our auto-accident case was handled quickly and efficiently with the level of professionalism you would expect from a top-rank firm. Mr. Riley and his staff always went above and beyond to get us the answers or help we needed. I hope we never need an accident/injury attorney again, but should i need one - it will be with FRP law firm.

- Marissa Smith Google

I am given Farris Riley & Pitt LLP 5 stars. If 10 was a option I would give them that as well.. they where very professional throughout my entire case. Kept me update anytime a change was made. They took great care of me and closed my case within 9 months. In so glad they took my case. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.

- Victoria P Google

Had a great experience with this law firm …. They were organized , efficient & kept me updated throughout the process . It took a while to settle my case but these things take time . Over all I’m very satisfied & would recommend this law firm .

- Kanisha Thompson Google

Everyone has been a joy to work with. Hayden is awesome she's efficient and consistent with communication, Meredith who is my attorney is great and Lisa is so cool and down to earth.

- Shonita M. Google

Thorough, excellent communication. Everyone was so kind and kept me informed throught the entire process.

- Judy Childress Google

This is a great Law firm. They really care about their clients and and go above normal standards to help you any way they can. Mr Riley and his team are top notch. I wan to thank them for everything they did for me.

- James White Google

My experience with this law firm was absolutely painless they handled everything from start to finish. Thank you so much for your help I appreciate you all more than you know!

- Sharion Smith Google

They did a great job . Stayed on top of everything. Got my money to me asap. The other company was the hold up. So I'm very happy with them.

- Elizabeth Dovey Google

Everyone was extremely courteous,All my questions were answered immediately.And extremely helpful.very pleased with their results.would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer. Exceptional good Law firm.

- Sandra Tapp Google

Farris, Riley and Pitt helped me with my personal injury case and took care of every detail! I answered questions filled out papers when needed and they communicated every step with me!! Ken Riley called me personally and was compassionate and caring and really helped me understand what was happening and to just check in on me and my child! Highly recommend them, they are part of our family now!!

- Ashley Bridges Google

Jessica, I really want to thank you. You’re a true blessing. Just having someone on my side that goes the distance no matter what it’s so uncommon and valuable in my life right now. I want you to know Jessica how much I’m really grateful that God truly placed you in my life!!

- Eric M.

My daughter and I were in a wreck in Tuscaloosa near the U of A. The other vehicle turned across in front of us which totaled our car, broke my neck, broke my daughters back and gave us both concussions. My daughter’s concussion has resulted in lifelong seizures. My daughter has other medical issues that made surgery on her back not an option. She also has a speech impediment. Here was the big issue.We spoke with several attorneys. Right off they picked up the speech thing, listened about her other medical conditions and assumed that her injuries from this wreck were not as catastrophic as if to a “normal person”. No one was concerned at how drastically this changed her life…UNTIL we spoke with Nate Vandeveer and Kirby Farris of Farris, Riley & Pitt.There was a security video of the accident, but in a quick review, it wasn’t real clear who had what light..flat green, green arrow and it could have been a matter of opinion by the person watching. However, Mr. Vandeveer meticulously took the video shot by shot to show reflections of the traffic lights as they actually were. He left no stone unturned in showing that we had a clear, flat green light and that the other party did not have a green arrow or any other traffic signal that allowed her to proceed as she did, directly into our path. Kirby Farris addressed the medical issues of my daughter with a sincere compassion that annihilated the opposing Attorney’s demeaning remarks. There are a hundred more things I could say but I am trying to make this short. They were just so thorough, so professional, so compassionate..they completely knocked it over the wall and out of the park. Without a doubt, THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST, and then some!! They are our CHAMPIONS!! 10 Stars

- Jane Carson Facebook

I would recommend this firm to anyone. They keep things simple, accurate and efficient. Thanks for everything you guys are doing for me.

- Alison Nicole Facebook

I don't have enough stars to give this firm. They have become like family to me. I can't find enough words to express my thanks for all of the people here. I highly recommend Farris, Riley and Pitt. They are the most compassionate people. Every single person I encountered in their office, was kind and giving. They genuinely care about their clients and it's easy to see that they are not just in it for the money. They were with me every step of the way, for the good days and the bad ones. They explained things to me in detail and they answered any and all questions, no matter how stupid they may have been. They fought for me, above all, they truly cared. I truly enjoyed working with them. If you are in need of an attorney for personal injury, I urge you to call them first; their quality and care is easy to see. To the staff of Farris, Riley and Pitt you are more than a client, you a friend and a human being. I thank them for all they have done for me and I can't express exactly how I feel.

- Karin Michelle Reeves Facebook

This firm gives 100% on every case. During my experience with them, they became my friends. I recommend them any day of the week!

- Toni Wilkerson Facebook

Genuine, professional, amazing and understanding. Mr. Farris, Katie and Lisa were incredible. I hope I’m never in a predicament to need an attorney again. But if I do, I will definitely use them!!! Absolutely 5 stars!

- Morgan Morrison Facebook

A great law firm and staff. Thank you, Brett Hollett and Kirby Farris, for taking care of my family during our trail. We could not have asked for better attorneys. A special thanks to Brett for always returning my calls and answering all my questions.

- April N Buddy Facebook

Farris, Riley & Pitt sets the standard for the Injury Law industry. The compassion shown toward each potential client and the results achieved thereafter, is a testament as to why they need no gimmicks, cheesy advertising or silly catch phrases.

Although I am a former, short-term employee, working with this firm has been inspiring.

Many firms of the same type have created a stigma that Farris, Riley & Pitt rise above and prove incorrect. If ever in need, I suggest you ignore the ads and call this firm.

- Debbie Cole

This is one of those things that none of us want to be a part of, however, when needed, it is wonderful to have Professionals working with you. The case involved an accident that my Mother was involved in resulting in leaving her Chair Bound and in constant pain. The wonderful staff at F R & P worked for us and helped us to understand the process. My best Regards to Malia and Lisa for answering my unending list of questions and taking the time to make sure that I understood. Mr. Farris worked with us and treated my Mother like a Queen. I greatly appreciate their caring attitude and professionalism. Even the Receptionist treated me like a friend when I would call. Great folks, kind people but above all very professional. Thanks to all. Sincerely, R Greenwood

- Ruben Greenwood

Here is my story. I hope you find it helpful in comforting or helping another client understand the legal process.

I was driving to one of my stores in North Alabama (in a company car) and out of nowhere was T-boned by another vehicle. The truck that hit me failed to yield to my right-of-way and said that he was waved through the intersection by an 18 wheeler. My car was hit on the driver’s side door and spun around until I was in another lane and facing the opposite direction. The driver came to my window yelling that it wasn’t his fault. I called 911, was cut out of my car, and was taken to Helen Keller Hospital, where I was seen by the ER doctor and transported to the UAB Trauma Unit. I had multiple tests, therapy sessions, and 5 surgeries over a year and a half or so to repair the soft tissue damage to my arm. During my first stay at the hospital I was contacted multiple times by an investigator–the driver that hit me was in a company vehicle and his company wanted me to make a statement about the accident. I was advised by a nurse that was checking my stats a couple of times when the investigator called to hire an attorney, and having never done so (and only living in Alabama for 3 months) I was anxious about what to do. I was given Ken Riley‘s name, contacted him, and felt very relieved for having done so. The phone calls from the investigator stopped after I directed him to contact my attorney, and I felt very safe and protected, as I was nervous about how to respond and how to protect myself. Ken worked patiently and supportively, always genuinely concerned about what I had been through and how I was healing, and guided me through dealing with Worker’s Comp, depositions, and the mediations with both the driver that hit me and the truck that waved him through. I still have open medical, which is important, as I am still under medical care for nerve damage treatment. The most important part of the entire thing was knowing that I had someone in my corner, fighting for what was right, and allowing me to focus on getting well.

- Emily Birmingham, Alabama Car Accident

I have had a wonderful experience with this law firm. They stand by what their commitments and people who are having to attain their need for a w firm that will work hard at getting you the most for your personal needs. They were outstanding.

- Fahn Griffie Google

The staff at FRP were genuine, courteous, and very communicative. Most importantly, they returned positive results. I would highly recommend choosing them for your legal needs. They have the experience & knowledge that I consider superior. Also, they truly care about their clients on a personal level. They take it upon themselves to complete any items that require their attention, no matter how small. I never felt on my own when I had to take care of the business at hand. I recommend you give them a call if you have a potential need. I won't choose anyone else.

- Jonathan Cramer Google

I would recommend the firm first hand. Ms Willis kept me up to date on my case, she even saved me from one of those structural settlement institutions.Very professional.Thanks

- Chris Wilson Google

Fantastic and very friendly staff. Mr. Farris is a well rounded and experienced lawyer. All of my questions and concerns were attended to. Can not thank him enough for what he did on my case. Highly recommend this law firm office.

- Juan Barragan Google

I felt I had been sent in circles until Farris, Riley & Pitt, Attorneys At Law were recommended to me. Working with Ken Riley and his staff was a very pleasant experience considering what I had been through during the previous year. Ken Riley was very kind and understanding about the sensitive matter of my injury from an auto accident and handled my case in a very professional manner.

From the first contact with the young lady at the front desk to his assistant I was treated with respect and concern and would highly recommend Farris, Riley & Pitt, Attorneys At Law to anyone and I would contact them if needed in the future.

- Cyndi Towns Google

This was the first time I've ever had to use a injury firm and it was a great experience. I would recommend Ken with Farris, Riley & Pitt to everyone I know. The amount they secured for me was unreal. Thank you so much Farris, Riley &Pitt!

- Rodney Anthony Google

All I can say about this firm is that they are the best. I enjoyed working with them on my case and would not hesitate to call on them in the future if needed advice. Everyone was very friendly and understood the issues. Special thanks to Caitlin and Brett.

- Eric Steward Google

My experience with Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP was excellent. I was always informed at every stage of the process and guided throughout with exceptional expertise and professionalism. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking counsel.

- Stacy Edwards Google

FRP has a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They bend over backwards to make you comfortable and confident in their services, their legal team is a superior force in battling the insurace companies and responsible parties, getting their clients the justice and closure they deserve. Thank you, FRP for assisting me and my family in recovering from a tragic accident!

- Billy Morris Google

I was involved in an automobile accident in Alabama and, being from Atlanta, I was referred to Farris, Riley & Pitt through a mutual acquaintance.First off, it is my sincere hope that no one reading will have to utilize their services but if you do, I cannot express how Kirby Farris and his team made an unpleasant situation an ordeal as pleasant as possible.My accident was not my fault yet the defendant and his insurance company wanted to play 'hard ball' which proved to be a mistake on their part. Farris Riley & Pitt did their homework and the other team became very aware their tactic was a losing one when their client's version of the truth was quickly exposed during deposition.I cannot recommend Farris Riley & Pitt enough and am so very, very thankful to have received the outcome I did thanks to their professionalism, mastery of the law and personal attention.

- Bobby Darnell Google

“I don’t have enough stars to give this firm. They have become like family to me. I can’t find enough words to express my thanks for all of the people here. I highly recommend Farris, Riley and Pitt. They are the most compassionate people. Every single person I encountered in their office, was kind and giving. They genuinely care about their clients and it’s easy to see that they are not just in it for the money.”

- Karen Reeves

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