Are bed sores preventable?

Video Transcript

Bed sores are also called pressure ulcers. Bed sores are caused by continuous pressure on a particular part of one’s body. You usually see bed sores or pressure ulcers in an elderly care scenario or situation, and it’s usually on the lower part of someone’s back, around the sacral area. These are generally preventable if the nursing home staff is doing what they are supposed to do. Now, sometimes things are not preventable, and we all understand that. But, when you notice a bed sore or a pressure ulcer on one of your loved ones, then you need to document it, you need to bring it to the attention of the nursing home attendants, and you need to contact an attorney. And when you contact an attorney, that attorney is going to be able to obtain the medical records and see whether or not the proper treatment was given in order to prevent this particular bedsore from getting from a one to a four stage, or whether not it was just something that was just going to happen anyway. And there are a lot of factors that come into play there, but the bottom line is, you need an attorney who works these types of cases in order to evaluate whether not this is something that is preventable and whether not this was caused by negligence.

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