How do I avoid driving distractedly?

Video Transcript

You know, distracted driving is one of the biggest problems that we see in our state. We handle hundreds of cases every year that involve distracted driving. Two years ago, we had a case where a mom and a daughter were decorating the daughter’s classroom. She was a teacher here in our area, and they were decorating her classroom for Christmas, on a Saturday. And on their way back home, a young lady was on her cellphone, crossed over the center line, and hit them head on. The daughter’s back was fractured. The mom had multiple fractures, went through several operations to help her with those orthopedic injuries, and it was a tragic situation that could have been avoided if this young lady had just elected not to use her cellphone. What I would encourage people to do is, when you sit down in your car, focus solely on operating your vehicle as safely as you can. And the thing about distracted driving that a lot of people miss, it is not just your cellphone. It is your cellphone, it is your radio, it is having food in your car, it is eating and driving. I have actually seen people reading a book, driving down the road. And it is causing a lot of accidents and a lot of serious injuries. And it is something that we all ought to take into account when we get in our cars every day.

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