How does Farris, Riley and Pitt prepare each case to obtain the best possible result?

Video Transcript

At our firm, we conduct a lot of jury studies. In other words, we recruit people from around a particular county and present a client’s case to them, so that they give us feedback about the issues that they see in the case, about the value that they perceive the case to have. And that allows us to go to the insurance company and say, “We know more about this case than you do. We demand x number of dollars, because we know what is going to happen at trial.” And it’s very effective, especially when you get in mediation, but also in working the case up towards trial, because if you know issues, not just issues that we identify early on, but also issues that people in the community see in a particular case, it can be very effective both in trying to settle the case and also when it comes to trial.

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