If I live outside of Alabama but am injured while visiting, do I need an Alabama lawyer?

Video Transcript

If you live outside the state of Alabama, and you are injured in Alabama – and we handle these types of cases all the time – the likelihood is that you are going to need an Alabama attorney because that is where the incident occurred. But, what happens is, if I am contacted by that person who lives in another state, what I generally like to do, is I generally like to get another attorney involved in that particular state, so that they can help and assist with the management of health care, of their treatment with their physicians, because they will have those relationships. I do not have those relationships with physicians in some other state far away. We have got the relationships with the doctors and the hospitals here locally, in the state of Alabama. So, it is important for a lawyer to, most likely, associate somebody in their hometown to work with the medical providers.

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