Should I go to the hospital after an accident even if don’t feel hurt immediately?

Video Transcript

If you don’t feel any pain whatsoever, no complaints at all, I would say no. But, if you feel pain at any point in time following an accident, you need to get to the hospital immediately. We see time and time again in our practice folks that don’t think they’re hurt on impact because they have all this adrenaline going and they’re in such a situation at that point in time that the next day or maybe even the following day, they have a lot of problems. We’ve seen very serious injuries that don’t show up for a week after an accident.

Now, what you don’t want to do if you’re hurt in an accident is not go see a doctor, and this is why: When your claim is being evaluated, either by an insurance company or a jury, they want to see documentation of your injury. They want to see documentation of your pain and suffering. The only way to document that is to go to a doctor. Create a record where you explain to the doctor your situation and what you’re experiencing following that accident. Then there’s a record of it for the adjuster of the insurance company or the jury to analyze and understand what you’re going through.

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