Should I use a personal injury calculator to determine my case value?

Video Transcript

I’ve heard of people using a personal injury calculator that they see on the internet. I don’t recommend that. I don’t quite understand how a personal injury calculator is truly going to evaluate a person that I would look at and I can tell that you have got certain types of injuries and certain types of damage to you. What a personal injury calculator will do is they will want to put in a few factors associated with any particular individual and their injuries. Well, those few factors are minuscule compared to all the factors that we look at, so while that may be a good initial first step, it may create expectations that are unwarranted, or you may have a situation where the personal injury calculator greatly devalues and gives you an expectation that is much lower than what you could get if you had an experienced attorney behind your case and behind you evaluating all factors of your case.

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