What are some common misconceptions about personal injury lawsuits?

Video Transcript

There are some common misconceptions about personal injury cases. One of those misconceptions is that, just because you are injured, you’re going to get a large settlement. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. There has to be liability. In other words, someone has to have caused the injury. You have to be injured, and a lot of times someone may have a pre-existing condition that affects whether or not they are able to claim a new injury. And then third, there has to be adequate insurance coverage, because if there is not adequate insurance coverage, it does not matter how badly somebody may be injured, or how bad the conduct was. If there is not insurance behind a person who caused the wreck or caused the accident, then a lot of times it is very difficult to get anything more than what there is to be had.

Now, that is why I always tell people, you have to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and what that does – that is on your own policy – and it provides insurance in case the person who strikes you or strikes your family does not have adequate insurance. It kicks in to make up the difference.

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