What do I do if I am injured by a truck driver?

Video Transcript

Trucking accidents are similar to any other type of accident. You have got to have liability, someone who caused the wreck, in this case it would be a truck, and then you would need to have damage or injury. If you have been hit by a truck, it is different than if you get hit by a vehicle in that, just a regular motor vehicle, in that there are a lot of rules and regulations that truckers must follow. And so that is one of the things that we do as attorneys is we peel back the onion skin and look at every single thing that a trucker did from the time that he got in his vehicle, either that morning or the night before and even the day before that, up until the time that that trucker caused your injury. So, those types of cases are a lot more complex. You definitely need an attorney. A lot of times insurance companies are going to try to get quick settlements, because they know that the value of those cases can be much, much higher if you do get an attorney.

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