What is insurance subrogation?

Video Transcript

Insurance subrogation is something that can cause a lot of confusion among clients. Insurance subrogation basically says this: “If I, your health insurance, pay for some bills because you were in an accident caused by somebody else, I want my money back.”

We deal with insurance subrogation all the time, and it’s generally health insurance subrogation. But, what we are able to do, is when you hire us, we’re able to work with that health insurance carrier to get you discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. That’s based on how we work with them on a day in, day out basis. We know laws that we can use to leverage your situation positively.

So, if you hear the term “insurance subrogation” from an insurance company, don’t get spooked. But, you probably want to give us a call and let us talk with you about it.

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