What is unique about your trial preparation process?

Video Transcript

One of the things that makes our trial preparation unique is we’re very focused on technology. I mean technology has changed so much since I’ve been trying lawsuits. Let me give you some examples of that.

From a technological perspective, when we try cases they’re all tried strictly from an iPad projecting all images onto a screen. We don’t use paper anymore in the courtroom. The jury is allowed to sit there and visualize, for instance, the accident scene. We can take them on Google Earth and put them right in the intersection, by way of example, where the accident happened. Almost like you’re there in real time.

We also do case studies where we will bring in people from the counties where we’re gonna try the case, and we do a jury study. We’ll bring in anywhere from 10 to 20 people separate them into groups, and we try the case for those “focus groups,” as we call them. Those focus groups then give us feedback on our case. They tell us what’s important to them, what they like about our case, what they don’t like about our case. Because at the end of the day it’s not always just what your lawyer thinks. The important thing for you is going to be “what does the jury think about your case?”

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