What should I do if I have been involved in an industrial accident?

Video Transcript

Industrial accident cases are unique in that the Alabama Workers’ Comp. Act generally applies. That way, you cannot sue the company that you work for. But, a lot of times, we see industrial accidents that, on the face, look like workers’ comp. cases, but then we are able to look a little bit deeper and find that there may have been a third party, another company, that actually caused the incident, or a faulty product may have been involved, and sometimes some intentional conduct on behalf of someone in the company. It does not mean they meant to hurt you, it was just intentional conduct to do something like increase profits or something like that. So, a number of times, lots of times, we are able to turn a case from just being a workers’ comp. case into an industrial accident type case. And if you do that, then obviously you can claim different types of damages which means a greater settlement for the client.

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