Who can I sue for my injuries?

Video Transcript

Well, obviously, you can sue the person responsible for them, but an important side note to that is, let’s use an automobile accident as an example. If you’re injured by someone’s negligence in an auto accident, and they’re on the job, you not only have that individual that you can bring your claim against, but you also have the company that you can bring a claim against.

We once handled a case where it looked like an intersection accident. It looked as if the defendant was off the clock; he was on his way home from work. But what we learned is that he was about to deliver a part for his company to a vendor that was on his way home. So, in fact, he was still on the job at the time of the accident.

It substantially changes things because, generally speaking, companies have larger insurance policies than individuals, so there’s a better opportunity to make a more substantial claim.

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