Why did you choose to become a personal injury attorney?

Video Transcript

I do what I do because I enjoy helping people every single day. I love coming to work and knowing that when I’m here, I’m making someone’s life easier, or I’m helping make their day a little bit better, making their lives a little bit easier on them, so that they can continue to live their life as normal. My job is extremely gratifying in that I get to meet all sorts of wonderful people around the state of Alabama and get to know their story and get to represent them and help to fight for justice for them and to help them get back on their feet. That’s why I love what I do.

I went to law school because I wanted to further my education and I ended up just loving my classes. I loved meeting all of the people in my class and my classmates and my professors who would help me to become the attorney that I am today. In law school, I helped at a clinic that provided free legal services for residents of Mississippi, and it was just so interesting to meet all of these people who needed my help and to provide help to them encouraged me to keep going and to keep pushing through law school, which was extremely stressful, but just knowing that at the end of the day my career would be to help others really was my drive to continue and to take the bar and to find a job.

How I ended up at this firm is that I knew I still wanted to help people and when I was interviewing and figuring out if this was the right place for me, one thing that kept coming across in everyone I met here at the office was compassion. Everyone had such compassion for the clients and from that compassion it drove them to work hard and to tell our clients stories and to help give them the best representation that we can provide at our firm.

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