Why is it important to talk to a lawyer after an auto accident?

Video Transcript

It is important that you contact an attorney immediately after you are involved in an automobile accident, because you should expect that almost immediately after the accident, someone from the other driver’s insurance company will call you, and they will try to settle with you, and they will try to get statements from you that maybe turn your words or maybe make the story a little bit different from what actually happened, in order to benefit their insured. And not only could that lessen the value of your case, it could also deplete any case that you might have had prior. It’s important to speak to an attorney, because an attorney can talk to you about your rights in this situation. They can talk to you about your injuries and the value of what your injuries are. They can talk to you about the value of your vehicle, and they can just help you to make a more informed decision in a very scary situation—in a very stressful situation.

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