Why should I not settle my case quickly?

Video Transcript

I always recommend that after an accident, after an injury, that a client wait a sufficient amount of time to get the medical treatment that they deserve and also to get the diagnosis that they actually have. What I find a lot of times is that the insurance company will rush to the person right after an accident happens. They’ll offer them some small amount and say “This is all we can pay.” And then, a month later, certain injuries start to manifest that they didn’t know were there. The doctors weren’t looking for these types of injuries. They thought that they were OK and they thought that it would go away, but it didn’t, and now it’s a more significant injury. Well, the person’s case is already closed.

So I always tell people “Wait 60 days. Wait 90 days. It’s going to be there.” But once you settle your case for a little amount or a high an amount, your case is closed. You’ve got one shot at it; be smart about it.

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