Pex Piping

Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Piping Lawsuits

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping has grown to be a popular substitute for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping in newer construction homes in Alabama. Most of its popularity stems from PEX’s ease of installation, use and less fittings. This ease of use allows for quicker installation compared to PVC or copper plumbing systems.

Originally invented in the 1950’s, PEX’s design was improved by Thomas Engel and Dow Corning in the 60’s and marketed to all of Europe as an easy substitute for copper in the plumbing and heating industries. Two decades later, PEX was brought into the United States for radiant heating systems, but it was not until recently where the heating and plumbing industries started installing PEX products for potable water.

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Recent Lawsuits Based on PEX Plumbing System Failures

However, recent lawsuits have shed light on the failures PEX plumbing systems bring and prove that they aren’t as good of a substitute as originally assumed. Failures in the PEX plumbing systems have been seen in the fittings as well as the piping. Most notable is when the PEX plumbing fittings fail and causes leaks with massive damage.

PEX Can Become Vulnerable When Exposed to Certain Solutions

In addition to the products design failures, the product becomes vulnerable when exposed to certain solutions, including petroleum products and oxygen, causing toxic chemicals to seep from the PEX material. Tap water contains small amounts of chlorine, since most our tap water comes from water treatment facilities. Oxidations can occur once the chlorine passes through the PEX piping, causing the piping material to degrade.

To combat the effects of degradation due to chemicals, manufacturers added antioxidants to the piping material. However, the chemicals have the same effect on the antioxidants and over time the antioxidants degrade, making way for the chemicals to have their turn with the PEX materials. The level of degradation in the piping material depends solely on the level of chemicals in the water.

Risk of Contamination of Tap Water

Similarly, when PEX piping is used underground, the piping can come into contact with tap water as well as ground water. There are certain areas of our country where the groundwater is contaminated with pesticides or petroleum products and these chemicals can also seep through the piping and into the tap water causing the tap water to become contaminated.

Increasing Lawsuits in Newer Construction

These failures are surfacing in great numbers as newly constructed homes are undergoing severe damages as a result of PEX plumbing systems. As the number of failures rise, the number of lawsuits are being filed by plaintiffs who have suffered massive damage to their new homes.

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