Practice Areas of Our Birmingham, Mobile & Montgomery Personal Injury Lawyers

Life can change overnight because of an accident caused by someone’s irresponsible or reckless behavior. Every attorney at Farris, Riley & Pitt has a deep understanding of the devastating effects a personal injury can have on a family’s emotional and financial well-being. It is part of the reason we work so hard to help our clients recover fair and just compensation for all injuries: physical, financial and emotional.

Automobile Accidents

In the past year, more than 44,000 people were injured on Alabama Roadways. Eight hundred and forty-nine were killed. If a careless driver causes an accident resulting in injury or death, they should be held accountable.


Child Injuries

No parent should not have to see their child suffer due to the carelessness of a company or individual. We help families whose children have been harmed recover for the future.


Burn Injuries

Too often, burn victims suffer or are killed from their injuries. When these injuries are due to carelessness or defective products, victims should be compensated.


Harmful Drugs and Medical Devices

If a medical device doesn’t function as intended or a physician is careless in their prescribing of treatments or medication, resulting in the death or injury of patients, the responsible individuals and companies should be held accountable.


Nursing Home Injuries/Death

In Alabama, poor or irresponsible nursing home care all too often results in the injury or death of residents. Our attorneys are committed to seeing the responsible parties are held accountable when assisted living residents fall victim to abuse or neglect.


Railroad Accidents (FELA)

Railroad workers are often exposed to dangerous and hazardous situations. When companies fail to protect their workers and rail-related injuries occur, our Union Designated personal injury lawyers can assist.


Product Defects

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed as a result of dangerous, defective or faulty products. If you or a loved one suffer an injury due to a manufacturer or retailer’s irresponsibility, you deserve to be compensated.


Motorcycle Accidents

Operating a motorcycle is complicated and requires an extreme amount of focus. Unfortunately, other drivers on the road don’t always share the road responsibly, resulting in injury or death for motorcyclists. If this happens, you and your family deserve compensation for the other driver’s carelessness.


Wage and Overtime Claims (FLSA)

Overtime claims or wage and hour claims generally fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If your employer is not fairly compensating you as prescribed by the law and your contract, our attorneys can fight for you.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

There are thousands of  truck accidents on Alabama’s roads and highways annually . Those accidents resulted in thousands of injuries and deaths. If a person or company’s  careless operation of a truck resulted in an injury or death of a loved one, those parties should be held accountable.


Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit pursued when someone is killed as a result of a person or business’s unsafe actions. No family should have to lose a member due to the carelessness of another individual. If it does occur, the victim’s loved ones deserve compensation.


Industrial Accidents

Manufacturing and industrial workplaces can be dangerous for employees. When the  irresponsible actions of businesses or fellow workers creates an unsafe environment that results in injury or death, lives can be ruined. Our attorneys want to help you.


A History of Getting Results for Our Personal Injury Clients

For more than 20 years, the team of Farris, Riley & Pitt has been fighting hard for those injured in personal injury cases in Alabama, with accident lawyers focused on achieving results for our clients. With millions of dollars in recoveries and thousands of satisfied clients, we’re confident we can help you.

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